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Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Professor Andrew Goodwin

Order, Disorder, Flexibility, Function

We develop and study a range of functional materials. Our principal aim is to understand and exploit the ways in which structural disorder and flexibility can give rise to a variety of unusual physical properties of both scientific and commercial importance.

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Hidden order in spin-liquid Gd3Ga5O12
Science 350, 179-181 (2015) [link]

The crystallography of correlated disorder
Nature 521, 303-309 (2015) [link]

Correlated defect nano-regions in a metal-organic framework
Nature Communications 5, 4176 (2014) [link]

Crystallography with powders
Nature Materials 13, 760-762 (2014) [link]

PhD 2004, University of Sydney (Inorganic Chemistry). PhD 2006, University of Cambridge (Mineral Physics). Junior Research Fellow, Trinity College Cambridge, 2004-2009. EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow, 2008-2014. Associate Professor (University Lecturer), Dept of Chemistry, University of Oxford 2009-14. Fellow and Tutor, St Anne's College Oxford, since 2009. Professor of Materials Chemistry, University of Oxford, since 2014.