Department of Chemsitry

Professor Andrew Goodwin

Professor of Materials Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
South Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3QR

Telephone: +44 (0) 1865 272 137
Fax (Dept): +44 (0) 1865 272 690

Research Group Website

St Anne's College


Order, Disorder, Flexibility, Function

We develop and study a range of functional materials. Our principal aim is to understand and exploit the ways in which structural disorder and flexibility can give rise to a variety of unusual physical properties of both scientific and commercial importance.

Please visit our Research Group Website for further information.


Selected Publications

Crystallography with powders
Nature Materials 13, 760-762 (2014) [link]

Correlated defect nano-regions in a metal-organic framework
Nature Communications 5, 4176 (2014) [link]

Negative area compressibility in silver(I) tricyanomethanide
Chem Comm 50, 5264-5266 (2014) [link]

Emergent frustration in Co-doped β-Mn
Phys Rev Lett 110, 267207 (2013) [link]

Structural disorder in molecular framework materials
Chem Soc Rev 42, 4881-4893 (2013) [link]

Homologous critical behaviour in the molecular frameworks Zn(CN)2 and Cd(imidazolate)2
J Am Chem Soc 135, 7610-7620 (2013) [link]

Giant negative linear compressibility in zinc dicyanoaurate
Nature Materials 12, 212-216 (2013) [link]

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