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Professor James McCullagh

McCullagh Group

Small molecules in biochemical systems sustain life in cells, modulate human health and disease and are biomarkers of environmental change but their specific function in these complex systems is often poorly understood. In the McCullagh Group we focus on developing new analytical techniques and methods and applying these to investigate how small molecules are linked to broader system-wide function. For example our research includes developing a better understanding of cancer metabolism and how metabolic gene mutations affect metabolic pathways involved in tumour development. We also work on early detection of disease, microbiome metabolism and it links with cellular processes in the host, antimicrobial resistance and broadly on studies that link environment and human physiology at a molecular level.

From an analytical perspective we apply multi-technique approaches that include metabolomics, live cell imaging and real-time analysis of metabolism, to focus on comprehensive molecular phenotyping and capturing small molecule interactions at a systems-wide level. The figure below outlines some of the analytical approaches we use. If you are interested in collaborating or joining the group to do a Part II or D.Phil. project we would be very happy to hear from you. Please contact James McCullagh






The Mass Spectrometry Research Facility

McCullagh is also Director of Mass Spectrometry Research Facility, based in the Chemistry Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry. The facility houses over £10 million in analytical instrumentation, providing more than 20 mass spectrometer systems and has a dedicated team of permanent research staff to deliver mass spectrometry research services supporting research in the department, wider university and external organisations including industry. If you are interested in analytical services or research collaborations we will be happy to hear from you.




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