Research Guides

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Dr. Michael J. Booth

Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Chemistry Research Laboratory,
12 Mansfield Road,
Research Overview
The broad goal of our research is the generation of externally-controllable nucleic acids (EC-NAs) under the control of various stimuli, including temperature, magnetism, and light. This approach will enable the control of multiple DNA and RNA-based technologies.
We are currently developing EC-NAs to control synthetic cells, lipid-bounded compartments containing a cell-free protein expression system inside them, for controllable and targeted drug delivery. These synthetic cells will be able to deliver a large variety of molecules, from small molecule drugs to large biomacromolecules.
We are also implementing EC-NAs to control other technologies including gene editing and silencing, molecular machines, and aptamers.
Work with us
If you are interested in joining our interdisciplinary team as a Part II, DPhil, or postdoctoral researcher please contact Dr Booth directly.
Selected Publications
- Light-patterning of synthetic tissues with single droplet resolution (2017) M.J.Booth, V.Restrepo-Schild, S.Box, H.Bayley. Scientific Reports. 7, 9315.
- Functional aqueous droplet networks (2017) M.J.Booth, V.Restrepo-Schild, F.Downs, H.Bayley. Molecular Biosystems. 13, 1658-1691.
- Light-activated communication in synthetic tissues (2016) M.J.Booth, V.Restrepo-Schild, A.D.Graham, S.N.Olof, H.Bayley. Science Advances. 2 (4), e1600056.
- Chemical methods for decoding cytosine modifications in DNA (2015) M.J.Booth, E.Raiber, S.Balasubramanian. Chemical Reviews. 115 (6), 2240-2254.
- Quantitative sequencing of 5-formylcytosine in DNA at single-base resolution (2014) M.J.Booth, E.Raiber, S.Balasubramanian. Nature Chemistry. 6 (5), 435-440.
- Quantitative sequencing of 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine at single-base resolution (2012) M.J.Booth, M.R.Branco, G.Ficz, D.Oxley, F.Krueger, W.Reik, S.Balasubramanian. Science. 336 (6083), 934.