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Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Professor Philipp Kukura

We are an interdisciplinary research group that focusses on the development and application of new optical methodologies to study structure and dynamics down to nanometer length scales and femtosecond timescales. Our research is motivated by a vigorous back and forth between pushing the boundaries of what we can measure with light and the application of our developments to fundamental questions in chemistry, physics and biology. We are interested in a wide range of phenomena including the origin of life, nanoscale dynamics of proteins and ultra sensitive optical sensing down to individual molecules all the way to the fundamentals of the interaction between light and matter.

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1. Andrecka J*, Ortega-Arroyo JO*, Takagi Y, de Wit G, Fineberg A, MacKinnon L, Young G, Sellers JR, Kukura P Structural dynamics of myosin 5 during processive motion revealed by interferometric scattering microscopy. Elife 2015 4:e05413

2. Musser AJ*, Liebel M*, Schnedermann C, Wende T, Kehoe TB, Rao A, Kukura P. Evidence for conical intersection dynamics mediating ultrafast singlet exciton fission. Nature Physics 2015 11:352–357

3. Schnedermann C, Liebel M, Kukura P. Mode-Specificity of Vibrationally Coherent Internal Conversion in Rhodopsin during the Primary Visual Event. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2015 137:2886–2891